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Tips for walking your Golden Labrador in The Colony Texas

Golden Labradors are the cutest!  They are one of the most popular dog breeds, and there are no wonders as to why. They are cheery, active and friendly with other dogs as well as humans. Granted, sometimes their hyper-activeness and innate curiousness can lead them to be a bit difficult to handle while walking, but be patient with them.  It’s not their intention to give you a hard time.

One of the main tips for walking these curious dogs is that when they get into their rollicking frenzies, do not yank them. If your little guy or girl pulls, then stand firm, and if he or she keeps pulling, stand firmer.

Keep this up until they give up and finally put slack in the leash, and once they do, tell them they did good and offer them a treat. (Classic way to reinforce good behavior.)

Also, if your Labrador is not fully trained, try to keep his or her leash a bit shorter than normal? This will reduce the resources for them to pull. You may want to consider enrolling your little Labrador in puppy training classes, or in obedience classes if you have a bit of an older Labrador. Both you and your dog will benefit from it, I assure you.

If your Labrador is trained and walking properly, then you can allow a bit more freedom and space with the leash for him or her not to be so confined. The Colony, Texas has some of the best places to walk your dog. 

Another very important tip when you’re taking your dog out for a walk is to make sure that you are the one that steps out of the house first, and do not let your dog pull you out under any circumstances. This is a very significant part of the training for him or her to see you as an authority figure. (Kind and loving, yes, but authority figure nevertheless.) If the dog actually pulls you out of the house the first couple of times, apply the good old method of telling him to stop, sit and stay, and then reward him when he complies.

Taking your Golden Lab puppy for a walk in The Colony can be easy as pie, and usually, it only takes around a week for most Labradors to get a hold of this training and the kind of rules you expect them to follow, or the kind of things you want them to do.

Finally, contrary to what you may think, sometimes dogs do not enjoy people petting them all that much (it is a bit uncommon, but some dogs just do not feel comfortable around strangers) so another important tip to follow is that you allow others to pet your dog if – and only if – he or she feels comfortable and at ease with it.

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