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What Are the Advantages of Hiring A Pet Sitting Service?

Advantages of Hiring An In Home Pet Care Service

Pets are treasured members of your family. They offer unconditional love and companionship.  However, there may come times when you find yourself unable to be at home whether it be because you are traveling for work or taking a vacation.  Whenever you are away from your pets it’s important to know that they are safe, happy, and well taken care of.   Most people are limited in their options for pet care while they are gone.  Typically, people have two choices which include taking their pets to a boarding facility or hiring a business or person to do in home pet care.  Let’s look at the clear advantages that pet sitting in your home will offer. 

Personalized pet care

Weekend Dog Sitting The ColonyWhen owners leave their pets, pets can become stressed.  Allowing animals to stay in their own home environment can help them feel safe and comfortable.  Pet sitting companies offer this advantage over kennel and other boarding facilities.  The pet sitter will come to your home at times you designate so that your pet’s routine stays the same.  If your pet has any medical concerns, they can also give them the specialized attention they need.  They may also offer to have the same person come to your home so that your pet is familiar with them, thus minimizing whatever stress they may have.  This kind of personalized attention allows you to have peace of mind when you are away from your pets.


Overnight care

In home pet sitters also can offer you the option of staying with your pets in your home overnight.  This can help your pet feel calm and relaxed while you are away.  While the pet sitter is at your home, they can also bring in your mail, turn lights on or off, and open or close window coverings, thus maintaining an appearance that your home is not sitting unoccupied. 


The best pet sitter

Local Cat Sitting ServicesChoosing a pet sitting business to take care of your furry family member can seem like a daunting task.  You want to be sure that the person you are leaving in care of your pets is a trained professional who will love your pet as if it was their own.  You also want to be assured that should any emergency arise they can handle it with the same care that you would.  Your pet sitter will also have access to your home.  This is why it is critical that you make sure any business or person you consider is a member of The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  Members of NAPPS adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior with both animals and people.  In addition, to guarantee the safety of your pets and property, it is also important that the business is bonded and insured. 

Preparing for the pet sitter

After you have decided which pet sitting service you will use, make sure you follow a few important guidelines to have a positive experience. 

  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   Get recommendations from friends, family and neighbors.
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   Make your reservations as early as possible, and well in advance of holidays.
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   Make sure you have plenty of food, treats, litter, and other supplies available before you leave. It is always a good idea to have extra in case your trip is unexpectedly delayed. 
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   Make sure you have an extra key or garage door opener and that it works properly.
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   Leave your pet sitter a detailed description of your pet’s routines and schedules that include meal times as well as bathroom, play, and exercise (dog walking) times. They should also know where food, food and water bowls, leashes, carriers, toys, and blankets / towels are kept. 
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   A list of contact names and numbers should also be left. In case of an emergency, your pet sitter should know how to get in touch with you as well as someone local such as a friend or relative in case you cannot be reached. 
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   Your local veterinarian’s name, number, and address is also helpful in case of an emergency.
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   If your pet has any health problems or requires medication or vitamins, make sure you are very clear and leave instructions which include how much medicine, when to give, and how to give it.
  • Grand Paws Pet Sitter - Pet Resources   Make sure that your pet also has an identification tag or collar on that includes name, address, and phone number.

Pet sitters are here to provide the very best care for your pet.  Giving them this information equips them to do their job well and you have the peace of mind knowing that your pet sitter has all the information they need to care for your pet.  Grand Paws Pet Sitter looks forward to caring for your pet.  Please give us a call for more information or to schedule your service.

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