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Things to Consider When Hiring a Cat Sitter

Things to Consider When Hiring a Cat Sitter

Pets are not only our companions but also integral and valued members of our family.  According to recent statistics, dogs and cats are the most popular pets in America. About 37% of households own dogs, while about 30% of households own cats.  Don’t let this statistic fool you, however. About 70 million dogs are kept as pets while about 74 million cats are pets.  Most people have a strong preference for one over the other due to several reasons.  Some people prefer dogs while others prefer the independence of cats.  One thing that most people can agree on is that when you need someone to watch your pet, you want animal sitters that will love and take care of your pet as if it was their own. 

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What does a cat sitter do?

Many people are familiar with dog sitting, but cat sitting is something that may not be as well known.  Whenever you are in need of someone to look in on your cat while you are away, local cat sitters can help you out.   Do you just need someone to check in on your pet during the day because you work long hours?  A cat sitting service can fill this need. Many people think that since cats are more independent animals, use indoor litter boxes, and can often be left with lots of food and water, they can basically take care of themselves.  This is not necessarily true.  The amount of time you can safely leave a cat alone depends on many factors.   If you are looking for vacation pet sitting because you will be away from your cat for an extended amount of time, it is imperative that you get someone to look in on your cat.  A cat pet sitter can check your cat’s food, provide it with fresh water, play with them and give them the attention they are missing.  A quality cat sitting service can also bring in your mail, turn on lights, and make sure all is right in your house while you are away. This can also include doing a safety check inside your house so that all doors are locked and all the things a curious cat can get into are safely stored in their place.  If you are only in need of someone to look in on your cat from time to time because of your work schedule, a cat sitting service can also provide the same kind of care but on a schedule that is tailored to your cat’s unique needs.

Do cats need a sitter?

Even though cats are more independent than dogs, they still desire attention and affection.  Cats become bonded with their person or family and if that person works long hours or is away from the home for extended periods of time, a cat can become anxious, depressed, or act out in destructive ways.  If you sometimes spend long periods of time away from your cat, consider utilizing a cat sitting service.  A trusted pet sitter will not only provide you with peace of mind while you are away from your pet but can also provide the much needed mental and physical stimulation that your cat needs to stay healthy.  Cats need interaction and playtime just like dogs do.  They can become bored or lonely if left alone for long periods of time and this can lead to negative behaviors that can be dangerous for your cat and destructive to your home.  Even though they do not need to be let outside for bathroom breaks, it is important for their health and cleanliness that litter boxes are scooped regularly.Local Dallas Cat Sitter

Cats are special pets that bring us companionship and happiness every day.  Whenever we find ourselves not able to be at home with them, it is important to make sure they are being taken care of in our absence.   Local pet sitters provide the care and attention our pets need to assure they are happy, safe, and content.

Grand Paws Pet Sitter looks forward to caring for your pets.  Grand Paws Pet Sitter is capable of giving cats pills, insulin shots, liquid medication and sub Q fluids. Please contact us for more information or to schedule your service.  We care for pets in the cities of North Dallas, Addison, Plano, Richardson, Castle Hills, The Colony, Carrollton, Frisco, McKinney, and Allen.  Is your city not listed? Please contact us as we would be honored to accommodate you.





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