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Yorkies are very cute dogs, and like any other breed love to go out for a walk, but how often should you take them on a walk in Carrollton, TX? Don’t let their size fool you, they do need their fair share of exercise to maintain themselves and stay in good shape.

A significant part of a dog’s exercise training is walking. In the Yorkies case, it is taking moderate walks at a steady pace that won’t cause your doggie to breathe heavily.  For Yorkies, daily walks translate themselves into two walks per day: one in the morning and one in the early evening. At whatever time in the morning and evening you choose to take them out, it does not matter, but once you choose one hour, try to stick to that schedule the following days. (Having a daily schedule is also a good part of the dog’s obedience training and they are happier and better behaved with one.) Yorkies don’t have trouble catching up on schedules and will quickly learn the one that you chose for them.

Yorkshire Terrier Walking Service

Image by Liza Trinidad from Pixabay

As for the speed of the walk, it shall be moderate and stable, not too fast not too slow. The key is to have them go through physical training but not cause them fatigue. Also, try to put yourself in the place of your Yorkie on this one. (I mean, what can be a moderate pace for you can be a running pace for your little buddy. Remember: with small size, they come with small legs and lungs.) You should walk at a pace where he or she is moving vigorously, but not out of breath; and if you have baby Yorkie, make the walk 15 to 20-minute intervals, but from 2 years up your little buddy will be fine with a 20 to 25-minute walks.

Pro Tip: if you trust your dog enough to leave them home alone and not crated, then take them for a walk before you head out. This will help them to release energy and will probably help them to be too tired to make your house a canine version of “Home Alone.”  When you can’t do this yourself because of work, illness, or an upcoming vacation or holiday – Contact Grand Paws Pet Sitting Services for all your Carrollton, Texas pet sitting needs.

Pro Tip #2: if you’re going to take your Yorkie on walks to help him or her to get better sleep, make this “late-night walk” at least two hours before bedtime because, while evening walks can help your doggie to sleep better, performing activities of a moderate or fast intensity before bedtime actually makes dogs of all breeds stay awake more than necessary.

Yorkshire Terriers are small in size, but their slender figure is actually one of their assets and for keeping it that way they need to stay fit with regular exercise. By the way, if you don’t have time to make the recommended intervals of time per each walk, then you can make one of the walks shorter but do try to make the other of the stated interval of time. Believe me, you’ll have fun walking with these little guys. (They look even cuter walking with their tiny legs!)

Ready to get started on your Yorkie pet journey but need a bit of help?  Call Grand Paws Pet Sitters and let us help care for your dog, cat, puppy, frog, bird, or other animal while you are sick, at work, or when you just need a hand.

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