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  1. I’ve Heard This Leash Is Best For Dog Walks?

Retractable leashes actually cause many needless dangers compared to old-style leashes.

Like their length, for example. It makes it difficult for you to maintain control of your dog, especially in high traffic areas. And the retractable leashes locks do have the bad habit of disengaging with enough pressure.

  1. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

If you’re going to be walking for more than a half-hour or out in the hot weather, bring a sufficient amount of water along for your dog. Doggies have a harder time adapting their heat than we, humans, do, and it’s easy for them to overheat.

  1. It’s The Law – Pick It Up

Did you know it may be the law soon?  This is nothing that you haven’t heard before, but picking up your dog’s poop is more than just being a nice, considerate, neat neighbor; dog poop can cause major health concerns to humans and pets equally. Pet waste might contain harmful organisms such as giardia, E. coli, roundworms, hookworms, and salmonella that can extend to other animals and humans and when pet waste is left on the ground those illnesses, pathogens and microbes make their way into the earth and contaminate water supply.

  1. To Sniff or Not To Sniff? 

Dog walks are more than plain physical exercise, it is their time to socialize, release accumulated energy, and stimulate their own minds exploring new places.

Their own way to do the latter is sniffing around and you should give them some time to do so. For them to absorb the smells and take in their surroundings. But take care in deciding what environments do are safe for them to explore.

  1. Can Your Pet Be Identified Without You?

Every time you leave the house with your dog ensure that they’re wearing Pet ID tags, and prepare him or her with up-to-date tags.

Ask your vet about getting a microchip if you can, too. Collars can break a little too easily sometimes.

  1. Select an Appropriate Harness

If your dog is one of those little guys that pull the leash a little too much, try using a front clip harness. Dog collars and harnesses that clip on the back actually encourage more pulling, and getting a brand front clip harness will pretty much be the best solution. But keep in mind that the right harness won’t solve everything and you will still need to take the time to teach your dog to follow obedience rules and walk properly.

  1. Manage Your Pet Using Treats

Treats are the best way of rewarding your dogs and conditioning them to good behaviors. If you want them to keep themselves well-behaved through your regular walks, bring with you some nice dog cookies and any time they do something improper, tell them to stop and give them a cookie when they comply.

  1. Stop and Ask Before Approaching

Some dogs don’t feel comfortable around strangers, either they’ll be human or fellow dogs. If your little buddy wants to make new friends, ask the owners before approaching.

  1. Texas Pavement Gets Hot In Summers

Hot pavement can be harmful for your dog’s paws, so be sure the pavement is not too hot, just place your hand or barefoot on it for around 5 seconds. If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your dog. Take the little buddy for a walk on the grass instead.  You can also do a quick temperature check in Richardson, Texas.

  1. Wear Reflective Gear For Evening Dog Walks

For your own protection and your dog’s during late-night walks, wear something reflective at night. And if most of your walks are during the evening, then you can get a reflective collar/leash combo for your dog, too.

These are a few of the tips we’ve heard over the years.  What do you think?  What do you agree with and what do you disagree with?  Let us know. 

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