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When it comes to finding dog walkers to help you out during the day or a local dog sitter who can watch your dog or cat while you are away, the options are many nowadays.  A dog boarding facility or friend used to be your only options, but due to the popularity and rise of technology, finding local dog walkers or a pet sitter is as easy as using an app on your phone.  However, is the easiest option always the best?  By taking a closer look at two popular on demand dog walking and pet sitting services, Rover and Wag, we will examine possible hidden dangers and why Grand Paws Pet Sitter, a reliable and established local dog walking service and pet sitting business, is the best option when it comes to taking care of your canine family member. 


Founded in 2011, Rover advertises itself as “the world’s largest network of 5 star pet sitters and dog walkers.” (Rover, 2019) Rover offers a multitude of services which include dog walking, dog boarding, house sitting, drop-in visits, and doggy day care.  The app is easy to use and assures customers that their dog walkers and sitters have undergone a background or identity check.  Rover states that the pet care they offer is safe and affordable, but many recent developments in the news tell a different story.

Denver pet owner Elaine Conoly’s pet dachshund, Wally, was killed by an aggressive mastiff while in the care of a pet sitter she found on Rover.  (The Points Guy, 2019)

When Conoly chose the pet sitter, it was not disclosed to her that another dog would be at the pet sitter’s house.  This dog had a history of aggression.  Conoly is pursuing litigation against Rover because of the “gross negligence” that was shown in the care of her dog.  (The Points Guy, 2019)

According to Conoly, she was still required to pay for Rover’s services even though she lost her beloved pet due to possible negligence on the part of the sitter. 

Another pet owner, Wes Siler, recounts when he used Rover to choose someone to watch his two dogs while he was out of town.  He checked out the sitter’s house and dogs out before leaving his dogs with them to make sure everything seemed to work.  

After arriving at his destination, he was called by the sitter and informed that both dogs had damaged their house and escaped.  This story has a happier ending.  The dogs were waiting for him when he returned home, but the whole situation cost him quite a bit of money because of having to return home unexpectedly and find another place for his dogs to stay. (Siler, 2019)


Wag! was founded in 2015 and is available in 43 states and 110 cities.  Wag! offers dog walking, sitting in your home, and boarding in a host’s home.   “Wag! Services are insured and bonded and every walker and sitter has passed a thorough vetting process before being approved to work on the platform.”  (Wag!, 2019)

Despite the fact that Wag! says they thoroughly vet their walkers and sitters, a Houston couple was left devastated after losing their beloved dog while in the care of a dog walker they found on Wag!. 

Sara and Nick Moore, of Houston Texas were in need of a last minute dog walker when they chose the first one that was available.  Sara felt uneasy about the walker and her feeling was confirmed when she was contacted and told that instead of her dog returning safely home after the walk, she had been hit by a car and had not survived. (Lewis, 2019)

This tragedy isn’t the only time Wag! has been involved in the news.  Another instance of an irresponsible Wag! dog walker took place in Danville, California.  A couple’s surveillance camera showed their dog walker appearing to kick and whip their family pet.

The dog walker has since been arrested on animal cruelty charges.  However, the dog owners are concerned because Wag! only conducts background checks on applicants once before they are hired and does not do continuous checks.  (Nguyen, 2019)

As you can see, it is of the utmost importance if you leave your pet’s care to another person, that the person is trustworthy and dependable.  It is important to note that Rover and Wag! dog walkers are independent contractors and not employees.  What does this mean?  Employees are part of a team working together for the good of the company.  Employees answer to a manager and abide by rules and procedures.  Independent contractors perform work for the company but reliability, dependability, and responsibility are only verifiable by reading reviews. What happens if there is an emergency?  In a locally owned pet sitting business employees always have a manager or business owner they will contact to get immediate help. 

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If you are trusting a person with your pet and access to your home, don’t you want to know that they have had a thorough and up to date background check? As you can see, even though these apps are easy to use and usually provide instant help, it could be at the expense of your pet’s safety.  For assurance and peace of mind, finding an experienced pet sitting business that is accredited and bonded and insured is the best way to go when it comes to making sure your pet is taken care of safely.

Grand Paws Pet Sitter is a local dog walking and pet sitting services business that has been in business since 2001.  All the local dog sitters employed by Grand Paws are employees, not independent contractors like Rover and Wag!, and have been thoroughly screened by a private firm before they are hired.


What is the difference between employees and independent contractors?  Employees are part of a team working together for the good of the company.  Employees answer to a manager and abide by rules and procedures.  Independent contractors perform work for the company but reliability, dependability, and responsibility are only verifiable by reading reviews.


Before being hired, Grand Paws also requires both personal and professional references which are verified.  Employees are also required to undergo a training program, unlike independent contractors. What happens if there is an emergency?  In a locally owned pet sitting business like Grand Paws, employees always have a manager or business owner they will contact to get immediate help.  There will always be someone available 365 days a year to help.  Your pet’s safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to Grand Paws.


Employees are also carefully selected on their professionalism, reliability and love for animals. To further assure the safety of your pets and home, Grand Paws is also bonded, insured and certified by the American Red Cross in Pet CPR/First Aid


Not only are Grand Paws the best animal sitters because of their love for animals of all shapes and sizes, but they are also trained to administer medications to the animals they watch.

Grand Paws a

lso offers an extensive menu of services which include a daily dog walking servicecat sitting, mid-day potty break, overnight dog sitting, extended care, extended walk, pet taxi, house check, and lock-out service.  Grand Paws is the premier house and pet sitter business servicing Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, and the surrounding areas.  They will take excellent care of not only your pet, but also your home by bringing in mail, watering plants, putting out or bringing in trash cans, turning on lights, and sending updates via text. Regardless of whether you are leaving town for a few days, need someone to take your dog on daily walks, or need someone to stay at your house with your pets, Grand Paws is eager to meet you and your pet and deliver quality and personalized service that exceeds your expectations!

Client Testimonials:

“…After several very disappointing experiences with other in-home services, Dana was introduced to us by our vet. Her attention to detail, personal touches, and dependable service are priceless. We feel very blessed to have Grand Paws care for our kitties and watch our home when we are away…”

Laurie & Gene Robichaux

“I have personally known Dana since 1999 as a client of our practice, and have recommended her services to my clients since the inception of Grand Paws Pet Sitter. As a veterinarian in Plano, we have a very large, mutual clientele; and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her services.”

Scott B. Murphy, DVM

“Dana is the most responsible, thorough and compassionate pet sitter you could ever hope to find. She took care of our ornery bulldog and loved him when no one other than family could. When he passed I called her, and she dropped everything, drove to the vet, and held a dead dog in her lap until he had safely passed.”

Debra & Rick Cook


A Letter from the Owner. . .

I started Grand Paws Pet Sitter back in 2001, because it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to find pet sitters who would not only care for my pets, but also love them like I do. My goal is to provide our clients with superior pet care with the utmost integrity and professionalism, while having fun along the way.

                                                                                           – Owner, Dana McKool

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