How To Hire The Best Dog Walkers in Carrollton, Texas


Hire a dog walker or pet sitter in Carrollton.  If you’re a new pet owner, you’re probably noticing the conflict that arises between your desire for time to yourself, and your need to constantly watch your dog to make sure to avoid any… accidents. As a result, you’re probably finding yourself considering pet walking or sitting, and wondering how to find the right person for the job. If that’s true, you’ve found your way to the right place, because this is the definitive guide for finding quality dog walkers in Carrollton, Texas.

When looking for a dog walker, it’s important to consider the full extent of your needs. Do you want a short walk each day, or do you want someone who can spend some more time with your dog and provide more close care and attention? Regardless of what your needs are, you’ll find an expansive set of options at Grand Paws Pet Sitter. Our dog walkers are experts at providing the care your dog needs. Whether you want our 15 minute potty break service, or you want a longer walk, our local walkers will be excited to go spend time with your dog and take care of its needs.

Why choose Grand Paws Pet Sitter you might ask? If you’re in the Carollton, TX area, there’s simply no replacement for the level of care we provide standard as part of our dog walking services. You want to know that the person taking care of your dog really loves dogs as much as you do, and you also want to know that they are trained in pet safety and prepared for anything your pup may throw at them. What separates our walkers from other companies is the deep level of commitment we have to learning everything there is to know about your pets and their needs. We take pride in our level of attention to your preferences and in how we strive to make your pets as happy as possible.

Our company is run by pet lovers from the top down, and our culture is completely built upon the love we have for our furry clients. Each of our employees have our own pets, so when you hire our walkers know you’re dealing with truly experienced dog lovers. Because of our deep connection to pets, we have the expertise and the passion to give you and your dogs an outstanding experience. We strive to build lasting relationships with your pets, and while we love our own pets, it’s always a special treat whenever we get to see a new client’s dog, or return to see a dog again that we’ve walked or cared for before. 

The difference you’ll find from working with us is that the love we have for dogs translates into experienced care and expertise working with your dog. We believe that the best way to find a Carrollton dog walker is to choose somebody that truly connects with your dog. That’s why we’ll come meet your dog for our free initial consultation and make sure we understand your dog’s personality and needs. We truly want a seamless experience for you and your dog, which is why we believe in caring for your dogs at your home and walking in your neighborhood, in your dogs’ own familiar environment. 


After we get acquainted with your dog, we take meticulous care to remember your instructions and preferences for our first walk. Then the fun starts for us, and you can truly sit back and relax, knowing that your dog is in good hands. If there are any concerns you have at any time, rest assured you can contact us at 972-931-0054 or at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 business hours.

Another benefit of working with Grand Paws Pet Sitter for dog walking is that if you ever need to get out of town on short notice, we can make sure your dog is cared for by a familiar face. Our aim is to be the friends you can rely on whenever you need a hand taking care of your dog, and we’re more than happy to spend time with your best friend.

But to be honest, the best way to hire a quality dog walker in Carrollton is to speak to the dog owners that have trusted us over the years to look after and walk with their dogs. If you want to speak with owners in your area that use our walking services, just let us know where you are located, and we’ll connect you with a user who can answer the questions you might want answered from an outside view of our services. We believe that our happy clients are our greatest measure of success, so we won’t hesitate to connect you with some that can provide a testimonial. We believe we provide the premier dog walking experience in the area, so if you want to schedule a free consultation, we’d be honored to meet your furry friend.

Client Testimonials:

“…After several very disappointing experiences with other in-home services, Dana was introduced to us by our vet. Her attention to detail, personal touches, and dependable service are priceless. We feel very blessed to have Grand Paws care for our kitties and watch our home when we are away…”

Laurie & Gene Robichaux

“I have personally known Dana since 1999 as a client of our practice, and have recommended her services to my clients since the inception of Grand Paws Pet Sitter. As a veterinarian in Plano, we have a very large, mutual clientele; and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her services.”

Scott B. Murphy, DVM

“Dana is the most responsible, thorough and compassionate pet sitter you could ever hope to find. She took care of our ornery bulldog and loved him when no one other than family could. When he passed I called her, and she dropped everything, drove to the vet, and held a dead dog in her lap until he had safely passed.”

Debra & Rick Cook


A Letter from the Owner. . .

I started Grand Paws Pet Sitter back in 2001, because it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to find pet sitters who would not only care for my pets, but also love them like I do. My goal is to provide our clients with superior pet care with the utmost integrity and professionalism, while having fun along the way.

                                                                                           – Owner, Dana McKool

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