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How Much Exercise Should My Dog Get?

Being a dog owner brings with it great responsibility and obligations that many people may be unfamiliar with.  Dogs are active animals who need both mental and physical stimulation on a daily basic to remain healthy.  Just how much exercise does your dog need and what steps can you take to make sure your dog gets the exercise it needs when you have a demanding job or go on a family vacation?  Let’s look at the different factors that affect the type and frequency of exercise your dog needs to stay in tip top shape and what you can do if you find yourself unable meet their needs.

Different breeds of dogs require different types and amounts of exercise.  Breeds can be divided into several categories such as small breeds, giant breeds, active breeds, and flat-nosed breeds. 

The small breeds are generally small dogs ranging in weight from a toy Chihuahua at 5 lbs. to one of the largest of the small breeds, the pug, at around 20 pounds.  Smaller breeds can usually get by with a quick game of fetch or chase inside small areas like apartments or small yards in addition to a quick walk around the block or down the street. 

Large and giant breeds can include great danes, mastiffs, and saint bernards.  These large breed dogs can be more prone to joint issues which is why regular moderate to low impact daily exercise is best.  This will help them avoid obesity which is a risk factor for joint problems. 

Active breed dogs include Labrador retrievers, shepherds, and hounds.  These dogs thrive when given a brisk walk every day.  Some of these dogs are also considered working breeds and thus have superior intelligence and a very high energy level.  Dogs like these not only need lots of exercise, but also thrive with mental stimulation such as games.  When these types of dogs are not given the physical outlets that they require, they can turn to destructive behaviors than not only make an unhappy owner, but also result in an unhappy dog.

Flat-nosed breeds include English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and Pekingese.  These breeds have a more difficult time exercising because of their flat noses that make breathing more difficult.  Despite this challenge, these dogs still need exercise.  A short walk around the block or a quick game of fetch in the yard followed up with a long rest is the best exercise for these dogs. Pet Sitter Near Me 75254

Now that we know how much and what type of exercise is best for our canine companions, what do we do when we find ourselves unable to take our dogs on a daily walk?  Do you have a job that sometimes requires you to work late? Do you want to provide your dog with a break in the middle of the day so they can get a little extra exercise or stretch themselves but you can’t leave work?  Hire mid day dog walkers to be there for your dog when you cannot.  There are businesses like Grand Paws that have the expertise and training to make sure your dog gets the exercise it needs.  Dog walkers can take your dog on a mid day walk when you are unable to get home during the day, but that’s not all that they can do.  An Addison dog walking specialist, like Grand Paws can also make sure your dog gets a much needed potty break.  However, Grand Paws can do much more!  Overnight dog sitting is another featured service of this amazing business.  They will treat your dog as their own and make sure they are comfortable and well taken care of in their own home.  Another aspect of Grand Paws’ animal sitting services is the ability to safely transport your pet to the vet, groomer, or wherever they need to go.  These are just some of the services that this local pet sitting company offers to the community it serves.  


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