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Walking Your Great Dane

Benefits for walking your Great Dane daily Frisco Texas 75033 75034

Great Danes are awesome friends and companions!  Do you happen to need your Great Dane puppy walked in Frisco? We can help.

I mean, all dogs are awesome friends and companions, but there’s something special about Great Danes. (Maybe that’s why they have “Great” on their name.)

First of all, they are very big, large dogs, so there’s more for you to snuggle with on the couch, but with physical traits like these, exercise will be a hugely important part of your dog’s life in order to keep their muscles strong. And you, of course, will have to help them with it.

Walking Your Great Dane

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Training or exercising with your dog is far away from being a tedious or boring chore! And it all acquires an extra level of fun when you have such a cheerful exercise partner like your Great Dane!

That’s right, these dogs are far from being lazy or lonely; they are sociable and want to become stronger and stronger as they grow up, that’s why they need training, and they are waiting to share this time with you and motivate you to join them in their active lifestyle. In this sense, it will be good for both your pet and yourself.

Of course, you will need to arm yourself with patience in this. Great Danes – like all dog breeds – can get a bit twitchy from time to time, and – like toddlers learning new tasks– they aren’t going to learn all of the commands you teach them right away; this is a task that requires consistency, better if you make it a daily practice.  

Despite their size, these dogs are not as energetic as you might think, or at least not enough to be walked for hours, and hours, and hours. Just a fair daily half-hour of walking would be fine. Better than fine, perfect; this is the exact amount of time you need to walk them. And I’m serious about walking them daily, you know? Dog walks are necessary for them to exercise, release energy, socialize, as well as breathe fresh air and prevent boredom that can lead them to develop erratic behaviors. At the same time, the daily exercise is what assists in preventing future injuries, it is what builds muscle to support and give stability to the joints and increase bone density. Also, they improve the cardiovascular system and reduces fat maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding obesity issues.

As you can see, these are not only benefits but vital reasons to keep your Great Dane in daily training and dog walking in Frisco, TX.  Are you by chance looking for a Pet Sitter near you in Frisco?  We can help.

Last but not least, don’t forget to give them some time of free play once the half-hour of walking is over, okay? As I said, they use this time to socialize with other dog friends and have fun, and they do need some rest after going through physical stimulation.


Loving Dog Walking CompanySo there you go, that’s the exercise plan: work hard and have fun. Good luck to you and your Great Dane!  Need help? Give Grand Paws Pet Sitter a call, or schedule your session with us using our online booking.

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