Grand Paws Pet Sitter, Dallas, Texas

Our Services and Rates

Initial Consultation

  • Complimentary

Standard Care

  • $18 per visit for 1-2 pets
  • $2 extra per additional pet or cage

Leaving town or just going out for the day? We will come to your home and care for your pet while you are away. Our Standard Care visits are approximately 30 minutes in length and can be longer if requested. You will have peace of mind knowing that your pets are being well cared for and your home kept secure as well.

    Standard Care For Your Pet Includes:
  • Lots of hugs, scratches and kisses!
  • Feeding/fresh water/special diet preparation
  • Administer medications (insulin/allergy shots $5 extra)
  • Exercise, playtime and brushing
  • Daily walks included
  • Clean and pick up after pets
  • Scoop or change litter box
  • Written summary notes on pets activities and behavior during visits
    For Your Home
  • Collect mail, flyers, newspapers, & packages
  • Water plants inside and out
  • Alternate lights, adjust blinds and drapes
  • Adjust TV and radio for the pet
  • Security check for the house
  • Take out garbage and recycle bins
  • Check water level on pools, if requested
Dog Sitting : Grand Paws Pet Sitter, Dallas, Texas

Daily Dog Walking Service

  • $16 per visit for 1-2 dogs
  • $2 extra per additional dog

Racing home from work to let your dog out? No need to worry anymore. We can be the bright spot in your dog's day by coming to exercise and play with him, while you are gone. This allows you to come home to a calm, relaxed dog that has been free of boredom and isolation. Our dog walking visits are approximately 20 minutes in length and can be longer if requested. This service can be mid-day or dinnertime, once a week or all five working days. Our dog walking program is a wonderful service that takes the stress off the owner and their dog!*

*Daily walks must meet minimum requirements to qualify for the discounted rate.*

Overnight Care

  • $75 per night for 1-2 pets
  • $80 per night for 3-4 pets
  • $85 per night for 5-6 pets

Does your pet not like to sleep alone? Our Overnight Care gives your pet all the benefits of our Standard Care plus the companionship of a bed buddy throughout the night. Not to mention the added security by having our pet sitter stay in your home all night. Our Overnight Care includes a late afternoon/dinner visit and the sitter being back on your property from 10pm until 7am. Overnight Care can be customized to meet your pet's needs. This is the ultimate peace of mind!


Additional Services

Pet Taxi

  • $20 per half hour

Let us pick up and deliver your pet to any place you need them to go. Whether it is to the vet, groomer, or a friend's house, we are there to transport them safely. We will stay with them, if you need us to, and deliver them back home as well. This service can be one-way or round trip.

Extended Care

  • $40 per hour

We can be there for extended time for those pets with extra special needs. Just let us know how long you want our visits to be.

Gog Walking : Grand Paws Pet Sitter, Dallas, Texas

Extended Walk

  • $40 per hour

Does your dog have extra high energy? We can give them that marathon walk, if needed. This service is for our canine athletes and athlete wannabes!

House Check

  • $14

Some of our clients don't currently have pets or travel with them. Let us come to your home and make it look lived in, by bringing in your mail, newspapers, flyers, and packages. We will also water your plants, check your pool levels, take out the trash, alternate lights, etc. This service is an added peace of mind while you are away!

Lock Out Service

  • $35

By keeping your key on file with us, we are able to come to your rescue should you lock yourself out.

Service Areas

West Plano, Southwest Frisco, Far North Dallas, Carrollton, Addison and Austin Ranch in The Colony, Texas

If we don't service the area you live in, please feel free to ask us for a referral in your area.


"Our pets are extremely important to us and more like children than felines. We are extremely particular about their care. After several very disappointing experiences with other in-home services, Dana was introduced to us by our vet. Her attention to detail, personal touches and dependable service are priceless. We feel very blessed to have Grand Paws care for our kitties and watch our home when we are away. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dana for many more years to come. Thank you Grand Paws for everything over the past 5 years."

- Laurie and Gene Robichaux,
long time client,
Plano, TX."
"You view your service as more than a dollar earned. Your true compassion toward my animals' care shows in your attention to detail and in your effort to bond with them."

- Deborah Ayers,
Addison, TX
"I am very pleased with your service. I know Libby is in good hands in my absence. I especially enjoy all the personal items about Libby on the daily notes. Thanks again!"

- Trina Berkey,
Hills of Prestonwood,
Plano, TX

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